As human co- creators and masters of our collective reality, it is up to us to decide that peace and universal sister and brotherhood is our best path forward. Can we focus our individual and collective energies to manifest that concept into our personal and planetary reality. 

Set in a hopeful future, stylistically some artworks in this series are inspired by eighteenth century Romanticism, others by urban street art. The images depict higher conciousness, ethereal energies, inter-dimensionalism and the knowledge that all is alive on this living planet that we do not own but are sharing with an incredible number of living things that have their rightful place - to the atomic level - all connected as we are to one source.elements seen through the lens of creative process resulting in unique and at times surreal compositions.


Red Valley


Oil on Canvas 48in x 60in

In a better place, ego driven pursuits become archaic replaced by peace and tranquility

Sea Temple


Oil on Canvas 58in x 48in

Heaven on Earth is realized if we want it to be. Choose heaven on earth in your in your own life then let it vibrate outward

Secret Chamber of the Heart


Oil on Canvas 48in x 48in

The divine internal connection to one’s source is a real place that can be experienced

The Peace Train


Oil on Canvas 60in x 64in

The arrival of the Peace Train signals that the collective idea to begin a new era of universal peace and brotherhood has achieved critical mass, now the transformational moment is here!

Light in Darkness


Oil on Canvas 48in x 36in

If Christ appeared today, how well would he be received?

War, What is it Good For......


Oil on Canvas 50in x 55in

Wars are not good for children, younger folks, older folks, animals, trees or anything else you can think of



Oil on Board 24in x 24in

The powerful Sacred Feminine in the Age of Aquarious

Choices 1


Oil on Canvas 

30in x 20in 

Meditation Lake


Oil on Board 24in x 24in

Choose serenity, go find your lake

Choices 2


Oil on Canvas 

24in x 24in 

Coming Soon


New Artwork in Progress

Coming Soon


New Artwork in Progress