Keeping one’s sense of humor these days can be a good thing. Through a lens of satire The Modern Times series of artworks depicts a view of our world that is kind of dark, problematic, even scary.  Intending to shine light on the secretive back room activities of our esteemed institutions. The artworks in this series are crafted in a fusion of street art, comic book and classical artistic styles.


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After Hours


Oil on Canvas 48in x 48in

For many of our great leaders, by day the facade of respectablility is apparent, by night however the beast emerges away from prying eyes or so they might hope.



Oil on Canvas 60in x 48in

“Best not to have too much education these days, why be hindered by such things as facts. Surely beliefs, feelings, and ideologies are vastly more real and satisfying anyway. Why let confusion, scandal, and chaos ruin one’s day, don’t like something, just deny it. Truth, today is simply defined as what is officially stated over and over, and over.”

The God Squad

Oil on Canvas  48in x 48in

“It is said that somewhere there is a room where the most powerful and influential people meet to manipulate and control world governments and their economies. It is also said that the major players in the struggle for control of this world are not even of this world ”

Make My Day!


Mixed Media 24in x 48in

"It appears that things have really reached the boiling point. Fortunately we have leaders who are pragmatic and level headed - NOT!

How I got Mine


Oil on Canvas 36in x 48in

“Aquiring power by any means, now appears no longer a process held in smoke filled back rooms hidden from public view - and not only because people don't smoke anymore - instead it is now open to all, raw and shameless!”

State of the Union


Oil on Canvas 40in x 48“Some say Washington is broken, what a shame the two parties can’t cooperate. Some say it’s tragic jobs and wealth have shifted overseas. Others can’t understand why our standard of living is declining and that since 9_11 the country has gone downhill due to unforeseen forces beyond our control. What a profound coincidence the emergence of new players, China, India, Russia, Iran should coincide with U.S. decline. Or is it? ”.

Breaking News


Oil on Canvas 60in x 48in

The Roman Coliseum delivered to you every day over dinner. Murder, mayhem, intrigue, and more! A constant barrage meant to confuse, bewilder, and frighten!  As they say, “if it bleeds, it leads”, Must Viewing!

War Equals Money


Oil on Canvas 48in x 48in

“Are we finally safer, ... probably not, ‘specially since the Mid-East de-stabilization, the great recession, and corporate / military industrial domination of our Government. No worries, some things are still running quite well, the big money keeps flowing to the right people, who now are ensured one hundred years of conflicts fueling America’s number one export

The New Suburbs


Oil on Canvas 60in x 48in

“As the gap between haves and have nots grow so does all that comes with it. Fight to hang on to what you got, but the truth, things are far from perfect at the top ”

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New Artwork in Progress

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New Artwork in Progress

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New Artwork in Progress